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Shetland is where I was born and where after a good 20 years of roaming around I have returned to
..even though it is very windy

St Ninians Isle, Shetland

Veer North is the most northerly group of visual artists in the UK, based in the Shetland Islands, an archipelago located approximately 200 miles north of Aberdeen and west of Norway.
Veer North is a professional association of visual artists set up in 2003 in order to provide a supportive and professional network for artists in Shetland. Our members try to encourage debate while also developing opportunities for artists in Shetland and beyond. We want to promote contemporary art practices in Shetland and raise awareness of what artists do and how they contribute to the community.
While we are trying to develop a more active two-way dialogue between artists and the public, it is also important for us to engage in collaborations with existing agencies and artists groups throughout Scotland and the rest of the UK. Shetlands unique location in the North Atlantic also helps us make links with Scandinavia and northern Europe.

shetland youth hostel

Hand Knitted FairIsle Hotwater Bottle
copyright Jemima Goodlad 2005